How It Works

Brands and Agencies:

  1. Contact Us

Submit a list of brand names as well as the languages/dialects for screening. Please provide customized survey questions if applicable.

A username and password will be created to enable the viewing of real-time results as well as the final reports. (Agencies, please click here to register.)

  1. Survey Launch

We will create the survey on the platform. Upon your approval, it will be launched, calling on the linguistic experts in the relevant languages/dialects.

  1. Results

The results of the linguistic check can be accessed in real-time. Final reports can be generated and downloaded with a summary of comments, pie charts, regional comparisons, and audio recordings.


  1. Sign up

Click here to register, and email us a copy of your resume. 

  1. Complete surveys

Upon approval, respond to survey invitations in a timely manner and provide quality feedback.